About Terry Sanderson

Terry Sanderson (born 1946) is a leading UK secularist and gay rights activist, author and journalist. He was president of the National Secular Society from 2006 until 2017 and was a long-standing columnist for Gay Times.

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Terry is a writer and has contributed to many books and magazines. His published works include:

  • The Adventures of a Happy Homosexual (2016), Feed-a-Read.com Publishing, Available on Amazon
  • The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra (2003) London: Carlton Books,  ISBN978-1-84222-794-7
  • Assertively Gay: how to build gay self-esteem (1997) 2nd revised edition, London: The Other Way Press, ISBN978-0-948982-10-1
  • The Potts Papers (1996) London: The Other Way Press,  ISBN0-948982-09-8
  • Mediawatch: treatment of male and female homosexuality in the British media(1995) London: Continuum International Publishing, ISBN 978-0-304-33186-4
  • Stranger in the Family: how to cope if your child is gay (1991) London: The Other Way Press, ISBN0-948982-03-9, (2nd ed, 1996)
  • Making Gay Relationships Work (1990) London: The Other Way Press, ISBN0-948982-02-0
  • “Gays and the Press” (1989), in Shepherd, Simon and Wallis, Mick, Coming on strong: gay politics and culture, London: Routledge; Chapter 13, pp. 231-241, ISBN0-04-445352-3
  • The Potts Correspondence and Other Gay Humour (1987) London: The Other Way Press, ISBN0-948982-01-2
  • How to be a Happy Homosexual (1986) London: The Other Way Press, ISBN0-948982-00-4, (5th ed, 1999)

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